Where can you make an Impact?

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Capital Campaign

Burkina Hub - 4 Phase Sustainability & Empowerment Project

We're excited to present this proposal for a sustainable hub in Burkina Faso, West Africa. For the full proposal and budget please click the button below.

Micro Loan Program

This is a no fee, no interest loan program. We offer short term, long term, and educational loans.
Once paid off, 100% of the original loan is then rolled over to fund the next woman. This means your donation will KEEP ON GIVING for many years to come!

To ensure each woman succeeds, we work with them for 2 years after their loan is paid off.

Did you know we have OVER 300 WOMEN in our program? 35% of our loans are directly funded by donors like you!The other 65% of these loans are funded by ROLLOVER funds!

Business Training

Prior to starting a business, we offer 4-day long business training programs, as well as a
mentorship program with 5 of our employees in Burkina Faso. We help these women
write their business plan, we find the funding to start their business, and we work with them
through the entirety of their loan.

Government Certified Sewing School Program

We currently have 30 women enrolled in our Sewing School. It is a 2-3 year long program
depending on their education level and ability to pass the government certification test.

During School, the students have an in-service project where they make period pads for their
community. Once they graduate, they are equipped to either run their own business,
work for the government, or provide tailoring services to their community.

Health Program

We have started a Period Pad Project in 5 villages where we educate women on their
health, their bodies, and the importance of their identity in Christ.

Now partnered with "Days for Girls", we provide sex education, health care training, pads, and
underwear to women who otherwise wouldn't have access to any of these resources.

Agricultural Program

These women are only provided with dry land, and none of the tools or resources required to maintain it.
They are expected to produce food with nothing. We help them by plowing their fields,
and by providing the seed, fertilizer, and water sources to help them feed their families.

Water Pumps

To provide the water sources for the Agricultural Program, we need wells and pumps.
We test to find water, drill, and install pumps to set up the irrigation systems for many women.

Local Women's Empowerment

We are in partnership with Scarlet Road, a local organization dedicated to helping sex trafficked women here in Kitsap County.