empowering women

for life

empowering women for life


Become a creative warrior and fund a woman in need!


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Empowering women for life


"We envision a world where the Warrior inside us all rises in agreement with our Christ-given identity so that chains are broken, and freedom is found to live out the abundant life God intends for us to live."

Creative Warriors + Our Pay It Forward Loan Program

We are empowering women for life by providing
in-country sustainable business loans .

  • We help women create in-country sustainable businesses. 
  • We have over 300 women in our program.
  • We have short-term, long-term, and educational loans available.
  • Our loans are no-fee, no-interest.
  • Every dollar donated keeps rolling meaning: 100% of every dollar goes toward funding woman after woman, so your gift truly keeps on giving. 
  • We provide a 4-Day Business Training Program in each village prior to starting a business. Our local team provides assistance in writing business plans and walks each woman through every phase of her business until 2 years after her loan is repaid. 
  • We have a 100% pay back rate.
  • We have started a 2-Year Government Accredited Sewing School Tailor Program that equips graduates to take a national test to either run their own business, work for the government, or provide tailoring services. During school, they have an in-service project where they make period pads for their community. 
  • We have started a Period Pad Project in 5 villages where we educate women on their health, their bodies, and the importance of their identity in Christ.
  • We have also started chicken farms, water pumps, and gardens to help feed the school children. 

With your help, truly no woman will be left behind.

Women in our program: over 300

Our Story

It starts with an artist creating to sell so she can stay home with her children. Once the children took flight, her work became a vehicle to give back both locally and globally…


This is where Lisa, the artist, went to Burkina Faso West Africa to help build a healthcare center. While there, women came out of the bush to say “we have been waiting for you to come, we have been praying for you to come” That is where the PAY IT FORWARD LOAN PROGRAM began. A program that empowers women for life as they create in-country sustainable businesses and find their true identity in Christ to become who God intended them to be; powerful for their families and communities.


“As you lift up a woman, you lift up humanity”

– Melinda Gates


We achieve this mission by selling artwork and connecting our customers to our women and their stories. As each woman pays back her loan, another woman is funded. It is a program that truly keeps on giving.


Won’t you become a Creative Warrior with us and change the world one woman at a time?


Lisa Stirrett Creative Warrior Studio is a working glass art studio with a mission to empower women. Lisa’s work can be found in private and corporate collections as well as public installations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her mission is to create stunning works of art that impact, inspire, and have purpose. In her Public Studio, you can purchase her work or come create with the Creative Warrior Team. The studio is filled with a kind, inviting spirit. Her Teammates are true warriors for the art, the customers, the women’s ministry, and for God.

Through the sales of our Products with a Purpose, we fund efforts to raise women up to be the Warriors they are for their families and communities.

Official Creative Warrior Stats as of 2023


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